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Ibaraki International Association annual events.
International Exchange Festival

"Kokusai Koryu Hiroba"

We present the "Kokusai Koryu Hiroba" at the Ibaraki Prefecture festival, in autumn every year.

Working closely with private organizations for international exchange in Ibaraki, foreign residents of Ibaraki, ALT(Assistant Language Teachers), foreign students, and our associations volunteers, we undertake a wide variety of activities such as games and hands-on booths in which you can enjoy ethnic cooking and try on ethnic costumes.

"Fureai Matsuri" Friendship-exchange Festival
The Ibaraki International Association runs a booth at the "We love Ibaraki. Fureai Matsuri" festival.  It is held in April at and around the San-no-maru government office building (the Old prefectural office building), in order to promote our projects and provide you with opportunities to try on ethnic costumes .
World Caravan
This program is aimed at enhancing international understanding. Foreign presenters are sent to events of schools and organizations to introduce their countries. By listening to their talks, you feel as if you were caravanning together around the world and improving cross cultural understanding.
Foreign Student Goodwill Ambassadors of Ibaraki

We have appointed certain foreign students as Goodwill Ambassadors to help encourage international exchanges and mutual understanding between the foreign students of Ibaraki and the prefectural residents. Foreign Student Goodwill Ambassadors are dispatched to schools within the prefecture through programs such as "World Caravan".

One-Day free legal consultation for foreign residents

 In addition to counseling at the Foreigner Consultation Center (Monday to Friday) and free legal counseling (twice a month) . We provide on-site consultation services free of charge once a year

For further information, please refer to "Foreigner consultation page".

Japanese Speech Competition for Foreigners

Foreign residents are given the chance to make a speech in Japanese about themes such as international understanding, what they have learnt from living in Ibaraki and the differences between their countries and Japan. Many people find it very interesting to find out how Japan is seen from the perspective of foreigners, and look forward to it every year.