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Ibaraki International Association (I.I.A) opens a door to the world.
Ibaraki International Association (I.I.A) is a public corporation established of prefectural administration and residents for the internationalization of Ibaraki Prefecture.
International Exchange is a way to create a new culture in Ibaraki. Our Association works on various projects in the spirit of "Earth is our home, and the world is our friend".
The objectives of I.I.A.
・ To cultivate a global perspective.
・ To facillitate contact and good relations between Japanese and foreigners.
・ We aim to build a foreigner-friendly society.
・ To contribute toward creating a decent peaceful for the world future.
Project Outline of I.I.A
I Working Toward a Multicultural Society
 (1) Assisting Communication
  To provide better access to information about life in Ibaraki, we offer information services for foreigners in many languages through a variety of mediums such as a multilingual website, text messages, Facebook, andguidebooks for foreign residents.Furthermore, to give foreigners opportunities to learn Japanese, we run Japanese language classes.
 (2) Foreigner Consultation

We manage a consultation center for foreigners in several languages. In the center, we provide consultations with the cooperation of organizations such as the immigration office, prefectural offices, and bar associations. In addition, working with the cities’ local authorities and private organizations involved in international exchange activities, we strive to create a system where consultations can be held in every part of the prefecture.

 (3) Living Support

In order to increase the number of local citizens who can offer support to foreigners, we find and register volunteers for language instruction and people who can offer advice about daily life in Ibaraki. Furthermore, we are working to create a response system for foreigners that utilizes volunteers for use in case of disasters or other emergencies.

 (4) Creating a Multicultural Community

We organize training conferences where municipalities and international exchange organizations can share information and foreigners can create acoordination system amongst themselves. In addition, by inviting foreign students to act as goodwill ambassadors at events or incourses held in the prefecture, we offer a place where communication and exchange between Japanese residents and foreigners can easily take place. We also promote local activities initiated by foreign residents. We strive to increase communication opportunities with Japanese residents by promoting home-stay activities.

U Promoting International Exchange
 (1) Gathering and Providing Information about International Activities

Operating as a think tank for international activities, we gather and distribute information about various countries from international organizations, theJapanese government, theIbaraki prefectural government, and other groups in order to promote international exchange among local residents. By doing so, we also try to enhance the quality of our association’s resources such as the library, the bulletin, and the website.

 (2) Promoting International Exchange for all Prefectural Residents

We strive to promote international exchange for all prefectural residents by encouraging them to participate in cultural exchange activities and to attend foreign culture courses. We try to enrich the activities we are involved in, such as sharing ideas, training, and information with organizations who participate in international exchange projects.
To support these activities, we provide rooms for volunteer activities and training.

 (3) Promoting International Cooperation for all Prefectural Residents

In cooperation with JICA Tsukuba, we implement international projects such as the providing of support for developing countries. We support the activities of NGOs through a variety of projects, such as collecting damaged postcards and exchanging them for money. Furthermore, we help countries damaged by natural disasters by collecting donations in collaboration with the prefecture’s NGOs.

V Promoting Mutual Understanding and Creating Global Citizens
 (1) Maintenance of a project implementation system to enhance international understanding
  By liaising with the Ibaraki prefectural government and the organizations concerned, we create an environment in which projects can be successfully implemented. Furthermore, we strive to find, register and utilize people in our efforts to enhance international understanding; for example, appointing foreign exchange students as goodwill ambassadors. We manage a project implementation system by, for example, compiling teaching materials in order to make our projects more effective.
 (2) Promoting Mutual Understanding
  Implementing projects that promote mutual understanding in order to create awareness of differences in lifestyle, culture, and customs around the world and to encourage foreigners and local residents to work together to create a multicultural community.
 (3) Creating Global Citizens

Implementing projects to fulfill the needs of our increasingly global society and inspire international sensibility. In particular, by providing support for their activities, we strive to nurture those who will become bridges between Ibaraki prefecture and the rest of the world, such as young people and foreign exchange students.

Summary of I.I.A
1.Address 2nd floor of The Hirosawa City Kaikan Annex, 745 Ushirokwa Senba-cho Mito, Ibaraki / 310-0851(Please see this map
Phone: 029-241-1611 (Office)
    029-244-3811 ( Foreigner Consultation Center)
Fax: 029-241-7611
2.Office hours Mon〜Fri, 8:30 〜 17:15
3.Date Established October 1st, 1991
4.Governing agency International Affairs Division, Ibaraki Prefectural Government
5.Members of the board

President: Ibaraki Pref. Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa

Chairperson: Hirofumi Nemoto

Board of directors: 24 members

Inspector (auditor): 2 members

Councilors: 25 members